September 29, 2010

A 3D HD Camcorder for the Home

Aiptek has been delivering leading edge features in camcorders at very reasonable prices – perfect for the Home user.

The latest camcorder is the i2 3D-HD 720P – a wonderful 3D HD camcorder for Home use.

It shoots 720P (1280x720) video at 30 fps. It can take 3D or 2D video and photos. At 5 megapixels, the photos are also quite good. The video is recorded as .MP4 (H.264), while the photos are available as .JPEG files. The 3D can be viewed on the camcorders display or with a HDMI cable on a 3D monitor or TV. The 3D video can also be uploaded to YouTube 3D. Stereo microphone (for recording) and speakers (for playback) are included. The rest of the features are standard as you would expect on a camcorder.

A slight negative – there is no optical zoom, the lenses are fixed, which means it is great for shooting nearby scenes, not so good for far away scenes.

And the amazing experience – for all those who have experienced 3D video and photos – once you experience it, you never want to go back to 2D.

Finally, the marvelous price. The camcorder is available for $199 at Amazon. Imagine - a full 3D-HD camcorder for $199!

Aiptek leads by providing the latest camcorder features at affordable prices. In comparison, Cisco’s Flip camcorders always seem to have the last generation features. The larger manufacturers have a great set of features but at price ranges that are much higher e.g. the upcoming Panasonic HDC-SDT750K 3D camcorder which is at $1,399 or the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D at $499.