September 28, 2010

California Hot Weather and Electricity Demand, does today feel like 43 GigaWatts?

California ISO publishes a real-time forecast of electricity demand in California. The Load Graph is based on the weather forecast and historical usage statistics. It also shows the available capacity on the grid.

The energy consumption forecast can also be used to roughly determine the temperatures at different times of the day.

43 Gigawatts usage = 94o F  

Sep 28, 2010   CAISO

Next time, check the load graph and see how it correlates with the local temperatures.

Renewable energy sources currently provide a tiny portion of this demand and have a long way to go to become significant contributors. On a typical day, out of a available capacity of about 55,000 Megawatts, only 410 Megawatts can be supplied by Solar energy.