October 23, 2010

Ad-heavy websites too slow for Users

Below are page load times for a few popular websites measured with Numion’s stopwatch.

The ad-heavy websites on this list have long page load times. They are too slow for users and create a bad user experience. Some of the sites on this list also include Facebook's LIKE button, which is another factor in making these sites slow.

www.Google.com page load time 1.591 seconds

www.facebook.com page load time 1.598 seconds

www.daringfireball.net page load time 3.869 seconds

www.cnn.com page load time 4.51 seconds

www.engadget.com page load time 13.429 seconds

www.msnbc.com page load time 18.179 seconds

www.wired.com page load time 21.43 seconds

www.techcrunch.com page load time 34.666 seconds

Techcrunch, the slowest website on this list, takes over 34 seconds to load.