October 21, 2010

Apple iPad and the 7 inch Competitors

Apple iPad has a lot of 7 inch Competitors.

TechRepublic has compiled a nice list that shows 20 me-too competitors ranging from Cisco Cius, Blackberry Playbook to Samsung Galaxy Tab and HP. Each has announced tablets no one is shipping yet.

As compared to the iPad’s 9.7-inch display, most competitors have announced 7-inch products.

Why 7 inch displays? 
Did their users ask for 7 inch? Did they get a better deal for 7-inch displays? Did they see a market niche between a Smartphone and the iPad that everyone else missed?

Regardless, the 7-inch is a bad form factor for users. Too small for watching video, seeing photos or viewing websites and too large to carry in your pocket. 

For software, all are using the magic mantra “we have Flash” to attract customers. Again, a bad feature to highlight. Flash makes websites slow and puts excessive load on the CPU (making it run hot). Flash is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the market.

Apple’s success is by providing an integrated experience for each of their products.

Instead of becoming an Apple follower, competitors should create their own unique delightful experiences for the user. That will allow them to lead rather than be a perennial follower.

Here is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab with a wonderful (not) set of Verizon applications.

Popular mobile applications, including V CAST Music and V CAST Song ID, VZ Navigator®, Slacker Radio, Kindle for Android, BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® presented by V CAST Video, and the exclusive golf game, “Let’s Golf,” will be available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In addition to text, picture and video messaging, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will also feature V CAST Apps, Verizon Wireless’ mobile storefront offering hundreds of applications for businesses and consumers at launch