October 5, 2010

Intel’s brands, why they are not memorable

Intel sells millions of  ___   each day.
Can you fill in the blank with Intel’s brand? It is difficult isn’t it? And, “processor” is not the answer. It is not an Intel brand.

Compare this with Apple.

Apple sells a large number of ____ each day.
I am sure you picked one or all of these – iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac’s. All short, memorable names and easily associated with Apple.

Why are Intel’s brands not memorable? A few reasons are below.

1. Internal codenames are used extensively – and they also become the names outside the company and end up diluting the eventual brandname.
The internal names themselves have the longevity of icecream on a hot summer day. See how long “SandyBridge” is remembered.

2. Long, complicated names – “Moorestown” or “Menlow” – lot of times, even Intel employees have trouble identifying which is which

3. 100’s of sku’s each with its own name – are so many really needed?  Or can fewer, stronger sku’s serve the market better?

4. Feature derived names – Core i3, Core i5, Core 2 Duo – rather than names that are market derived and easy for customers

5. Poor presentation of the brand – in TV commercials or the web e.g. check this screenshot at Intel’s home page - a hodge-podge of names, conveying a confusing message. Is it Intel inside, Core inside, i5 inside or what exactly is being conveyed?

Intel’s branding has been weak for a long time. For a company with so much potential, the weak branding dilutes the image. It is time for Intel to create simple, clean, memorable brands that resonate with customers and will also have a long life.