October 13, 2010

Intel’s Paul Otellini – Intel is dead serious about Tablets

Intel’s Paul Otellini in yesterday’s conference call.

We take a longer term view to the tablet opportunity, and the overarching benefit to Intel and the rest of the industry is to have a new, growing computing segment where we can participate alongside our growing PC business. At Intel, we are going to utilize all of the assets that are disposal to win this segment; the world’s best silicon process technology, the best compute architecture, and our global scale

To paraphrase him “Intel is dead serious about Tablets”.


Why chase Apple’s taillights on tablets?

Why chase a market where you cannot deliver a complete experience?  Which is what the users want and is the key to Apple’s success.

The market is evolving rapidly and there are plenty more opportunities to deliver category-defining products and where Intel can lead strongly rather than follow.

If Intel does want to participate in tablets, start by improving the underlying user-experience. The MeeGo experience is simply bad and Android is only marginally better.

It is worth remembering, the Tablet is a rapidly evolving form factor and category. In a year, Apple would have introduced another category-defining product surpassing expectations. Intel’s strategy of having an army of vendors building commodity tablets does not help improve the user experience but just bombs prices on a product with limited appeal.