October 12, 2010

Why do the new Windows Phones look like chewing gum?

Why do Microsoft’s new Windows Phones look like chewing gum?

Is it the aspect ratio of the phone?  The green color themes?  The rectangular tiles? A UI that looks unfinished or all of the above?

Wrigley’s chewing gum

Microsoft has tried to cast a new identity with the phones. However, the unsightly color schemes have been carried over Windows Mobile and Windows. These need to change.

The tiles with their hard edges produce a jarring effect. Not a screen you’d look forward to seeing over and over e.g. check the HTC Windows Phone 7 below. The empty black space to the right of the tiles gives the phones a permanent unfinished look.

The plethora of phone models shown indicates that there are buyers for each of these models? each with just a slight variation from another.

cnet has an overview of the different models.