November 7, 2010

ADT Pulse Security Cameras, Accessories, Prices

ADT Pulse service provides home automation and home security. It is a step up from the current monitored home security service provided by ADT. Check ADT Pulse Service Review to learn more about the service.

One of the features offered by ADT Pulse is that the live video from the security cameras can be viewed remotely. ADT Pulse website does not provide information about the security cameras. However, iControl, ADT Pulse’s technology provider provides a list of accessories (with prices) that can be used with their system.

Wired ($199.95) and Wireless ($299.95) IP cameras can be used with the service. The cameras used are re-branded Axis 206 cameras. Check their user manual for detailed information.

Unfortunately, the cameras used are ancient technology in the security camera industry (320x240 video resolution, no audio, no night vision, limited capabilities) and are obsolete. Hopefully, ADT Pulse also offers customers newer camera models from Axis, which provides better capabilities.

Other accessories available for use with the system include door/window sensors ($39.95), freeze sensor ($49.95), motion sensor ($79.95), water sensor ($54.95), smoke/heat detector ($89.95). So you can add/replace sensors throughout the home.