November 6, 2010

ADT Pulse Service Review: home automation, remote security, lifestyle management

Most Homeowners are familiar with ADT. With 8 million customers, it is a leading provider of Home Security service to users in the US. You have probably seen fleets of ADT trucks driving to their jobs each morning.

ADT Pulse is a new service offered by ADT for Home Automation, Remote Security and Lifestyle management. Pulse is a monitored service for burglary and fire, gives ability to remotely check live video of cameras at your home and remotely control the thermostat and lighting of your home. Additional monitoring for Carbon monooxide (CO) and Medical Alerts is available

ADT Pulse is powered by technology from iControl that recently merged with uControl.

ADT Pulse prices with a 3-year contract are
Installation - $749
Service - $49.99/mon

Total Price ~ $2,600

Fire, Carbon Monooxide and Medical alert monitoring have an additional charge (prices not listed at ADT’s website)

Contract is only for 2-years in California.

The Good

With the iPhone / Android app, you can remotely arm/disarm the security system, check sensors or see the live video from the cameras remotely (how many times how you wondered, did I close my garage door?  Now you can see it remotely)

The Bad

* You can get pricing and other info only after talking to a sales person
* The installation – prepare for a technician moving through your home
   (remember the fleet of ADT trucks going to their jobs in the morning)
* You can only watch one camera at a time remotely
* Video recordings are limited to small clips and only triggered by events – what if you wanted to record 24/7 and with all the cameras
* Camera’s used are old technology

Should I Buy

Overall, it is a small step up from ADT’s current service but at a premium. If the above features are important for you and the above prices are ok, then it is worth considering ADT Pulse.

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A later post will compare ADT pulse with other options available for Remote Security, Home Automation and Lifestyle Management. Is it services from ISP's such as Comcast? Is there a service that truly Internet enabled?