November 22, 2010

Apple AirPlay: Play Your iPhone, iPad Content on Your TV in a Single Tap

Apple AirPlay makes it super easy to play your iPhone, iPad content on your TV, in a single tap.

With an Apple TV connected to the TV, the iPhone/iPad content can be played on the TV in a single tap – videos, photos, and music. Kudos to Apple to make this process so simple and elegant.

With this simplicity, everyone would love to have Apple TV and AirPlay for their Home. With AirPlay, Apple TV is likely to become another super successful product in the market.

Watch the demo video to see how easy it is to play content from the iPhone, iPad

Compare this with Google TV. With its complicated remote and controls, Google TV needs a lot of work. Outsourcing building Google TV to Sony, Logitech, and Samsung does not help when the underlying user experience is broken.