November 27, 2010

Generate Pure Water When Needed

Although there is 1.338 billion km3 of water on Earth, it is not always in a form or purity level which is ready for consumption.

The following shows how to generate pure water when needed. These are just some of the products that generate water for different applications – drinking, livestock use, lab use, industrial use etc.

Puralytics SolarBag – for generating small quantities of drinking water inexpensively. Water is purified by just exposing the SolarBag to the Sun. No other energy source required. The photo-chemical processes remove all major and minor contaminants – virus, bacteria, protozoa, heavy metal, pesticides etc.

Puralytics Shield – A self-contained, LED powered purification system which breaks down organic material and adsorbs contaminants to produce pure water. The UV LED’s purify 100% of the incoming water with no wastage. There are no filters to clean. The unit consumes about 700W of power with a purification cost of about $0.02/gallon.

Milli-Q Integral – generates ultra-pure water from tap water. The unit generates upto 350 L/day of ultra-pure water intended for lab use rather than drinking or other daily uses.