November 18, 2010

How to Find Short Domain Names for your Website

Short domain name pioneer started the rush towards getting short domain names for websites. Now all the major Internet brand and services have or are getting Short Domain Name for their websites. Examples range from for Google, for Twitter to for YouTube.

Most websites keep the short-form and long-form domain name, both of which redirect to their website.

Short domain names take away the entropy from a longer name. They make it
* quick for a user to type
* possible to share links on services such as Twitter which have a limited text budget
* easy to view URL’s on small screens such as smartphone

Of course, the shorter the better and if it closely matches your brand name that is even better.

Having a memorable short domain name for your website is very useful for the above reasons. Then, how do you find a Short Domain Name for your website? is an innovative web tool to find short domain names. You enter the websites name; it gives a list of short-name options that are possible. The recommended ones are marked with a green button. You can register the name you like (if it is still open).

For fun, see what some of the websites could be named as

A Perfect Match

Close and Memorable

Short and Crisp