November 19, 2010

iPod Nano Wristwatches: Bill Gates should be Taking Notes

iPod Nano’s are being used as gorgeous wristwatches, thanks to innovative design from companies such as Minimal which is planning on introducing the TikTok and LunaTik watches soon. As of today, the company already has pledges for $184,627 on KickStarter .

This is an example of how innovative products, such as the Nano, spark further innovations from developers, taking the product in new areas.

Will the TikTok and LunaTik replace the bling wristwatches from Tag Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe and others?  No!  But, they will develop a following of their own and be a lot more fun to wear. With the watch face in software, it can be changed any time. Designers will surely come up with very attractive watch faces.

Bill Gates should be taking notes here.

Compare the Nano wristwatches to Microsoft’s SPOT smart watches, introduced in 2003 by Bill Gates. SPOT was meant to be a personalized watch that would also deliver information. A smart watch was a great concept, but with terrible execution, strategy and marketing resulting in its demise. Microsoft could have become a leader in this niche, 7 years ago.

Update: The Tik Tok, Luna Tik project has got pledges for $425,323 on KickStarter (project goal was $15,000), an amazing performance. Along with the success of Glif (iPhone Tripod Mount), this showcases KickStarter as a fantastic platform to raise funds for innovative products.

$137,417 was pledged for Glif (project goal was $10,000).