November 14, 2010

LifeShield Home Security Review, an alternative to ADT Pulse

After checking a review of ADT Pulse, it is good to see what other options are available for Home Security.

Like ADT, LifeShield meets the needs for basic Home Security. It is a monitored service for burglary and fire and also gives the ability to remotely check live video of cameras at your home. The monitoring station monitors the motion, fire and windows sensors at your Home and if the sensor triggers, calls you and/or dispatches security to your Home to handle the situation.

A LifeShield, ADT comparison (screenshot below) done by LifeShield shows the advantages it offers over ADT.

LifeShield’s advantage comes down to price. To begin, you’d pay $15.99 (at start) + $299.99 (within 30 days, for the home kit) and then pay a recurring monthly monitoring charge of $29.99. The charge includes the basic equipment needed. Installation is DIY. 

Monitoring for LifeShield is provided by Guardian Protection Services.

The security cameras used only have basic capabilities and like ADT Pulse are older generation cameras.

The Good

* The biggest plus with LifeShield - there is no annual contract
* Price (as compared to ADT)

The Bad

* The DIY installation can take some effort, including programming your Internet router etc.
* You can only watch one camera at a time remotely
* Limited capabilities – limited video recording per camera, limited number of cameras

Should I Buy

If you are looking for an ADT Pulse like home security service, it is worth considering LifeShield.

While ISP’s such as Comcast, Verizon have also started offering home security services now, the dedicated providers such as ADT, LifeShield are likely to provide better service and capabilities. However, keep in mind, all the providers provide a basic service only.

A later post will compare Home Security services from different providers. And, is there a home security service that is truly Internet enabled?