November 11, 2010

Photo Apps Leave that Photo alone! PicPlz, Instagram, Burstn and more

There are many wonderful apps on the Appstore for capturing photos with your iPhone.

The apps range from Picplz, Instagram, Color Splash, PhotoPad, Auto Adjust, Dash of Color,  Burstn and a whole lot more. The granddaddy of them all is Photoshop Express.

With the newer apps, such as PicPlz, Instagram, Burstn you can also share the photos in real-time on Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook.

With these apps, you
1. Shoot a Photo
2. Colorize it if you wish (apply photo filters)
3. Upload & share on your favorite social sites
With the photo filters provided in the app, you can colorize the photo before sharing it, make it more artsy e.g. the screenshot below (from picplz)

Some of the apps plan to provide more photo filters to users in updates or as inapp purchases.

For most users, colorizing is a fun thing to do, a few times. After that it gets boring. It is making the user do more work after all. So, Photo Apps leave that photo alone!

With the iPhone’s camera, you can already take gorgeous photos. Leave the photos as-is and figure out how to encourage users to shoot and share more photos.

The user activity on these apps is still light , e.g. people posting photos from a City every few hours, but should grow over time.