November 20, 2010

Photo Sharing App PicPlz growing, … Slowly …

Photo Sharing is one of the most popular activities online. Photo sharing is enormously popular because it requires very little effort. Like text comments, a photo is an excellent way to spark a new discussion or add to an existing discussion.

Newer photo sharing apps from PicPlz, Instagram, Path, DailyBooth are further making sharing photos quick, easy and fun. Each app has their unique approach

PicPlz, Instagram by sharing photos in real-time from the iPhone and optionally applying filters to make the photos artsy

Path by sharing photos privately with a small number of people  (the anti-sharing photo sharing app)

DailyBooth by sharing photos of users faces – whether from a webcam or the front-side camera of a phone (the face-sharing photo sharing app)

A quick check on how the usage is growing – PicPlz is used as a reference

PicPlz photos are also published on their website. Photos streams from a City or a User can be viewed.

PicPlz Nov 18

PicPlz Nov 19   (1 day later)

As seen from the above screenshots, PicPlz is growing, slowly … at the moment.

* 129 photos were posted on PicPlz in 24 hours
* San Francisco had the most activity, followed by Manhattan

While the activity may seem light at the moment, the app is new and the usage will continue to grow. At the same time, the apps have to become more exciting to encourage more people to shoot and share.