November 11, 2010

Review: EveryScape Eats app, Select Restaurants by their Photos

EveryScape Eats is a new photo app for restaurants available at the appstore. You select for restaurants by looking at a 360 degree view of their inside and outside. Editions are available for four cities currently – Boston, SoHo New York, San Francisco, Seattle.

A restaurant list is presented in photos. User can search for restaurants by name or type of cuisine. On selecting a restaurant, a 360-degree view is presented. Both inside and outside views are available.

The Good

The photos load quickly. Navigating the restaurant views is fast

The Bad

The restaurant list is short. The participating restaurants would have had to work with EveryScape to get their views in, a process that is very slow to scale.

No pictures or information about the food or reviews of the place. Perhaps they can partner with FoodSpotting to include food information

Limited number of Cities

Needing to download a new app for each City

While the 360-degree views are useful (when available), it is difficult to scale up the concept. Without a large number of restaurants and comprehensive information, it will be difficult to attract users.