November 8, 2010

Review of RadiumOne Ad Network

RadiumOne is a new Ad network launched recently.

RadiumOne’s key value proposition is that it leverages social networks (not Facebook) to deliver targeted ad to Users. Users interactions in their social networks are monitored to determine their likes, dislikes, interests and more. Targeted brand ads are then delivered to the users based on this data. Ads are displayed on a network of 500 websites vetted by RadiumOne.

The ad formats range from banners,  rich media expandables to video pre-rolls, all standard formats in the industry.

The network seems to focus on the larger brand advertisers.
No word on pricing. Deals are negotiated with the sales people.

The Good

Leveraging a users social network to deliver relevant ads.

The Bad

Using Flash ads – these are known to be annoying for visitors. Especially ads that open just on a mouseover then expand and start playing. They create a bad experience for visitors.

Should I use for my campaign

Yes!  RadiumOne’s team has successfully delivered results for advertisers in their previous ventures (BlueLithium) and will likely do the same here.

RadiumOne’s competitor, tmpSocial, takes exception to their claims of being first with a social ad network.