November 8, 2010

SocialMiner, Cisco selling Servers for Social Media Monitoring

Cisco is now selling Servers for Social Media Monitoring.

SocialMiner is Cisco’s solution for monitoring RSS, Twitter or Facebook feeds. It is being called a  Social CRM product. It can filter feeds based on specific words in the feed and then route the filtered results to the user.

It is intended to be used by marketers and customer support teams to monitor Internet activity for specific text and terms. Although, anyone could use it to monitor feeds for any text.

The software requires a Cisco UCS C-series or B-series server. Price is said to be
* $1,000 for the server
* $1,500 per agent license

Mining social feed data is nothing new. The larger Internet companies do it and there are free web services like Addictomatic, and others roughly in the same space (Buzzdock, PubSub). What is amazing that Cisco can charge so much for this product and also sell servers along with it.

An example search for “socialminer” on Addictomatic is shown below (screenshot)