November 12, 2010

What causes Pain in Flies, Mice and Humans?

When Flies, Mice and Humans feel pain it is because of the same reasons. The pain genes are common in all three.  

Researchers at Institute of Molecular BioTechnology (Austria) made some interesting discoveries while studying these pain genes

* the pain sensing genes are common
* pain gene acts in the brain rather than the peripheral nerves
* if the pain gene does not act, the body will not pain
  examples are found in mice and humans alike
* and, for some, the pain triggers the sight, smell and hearing senses as well – known as synaesthesia.  i.e. the pain may also affect your eyesight, hearing or sense of smell

Synaesthesia is a rare condition and causes some people to see sounds, see written words in color and experience taste, smell, shapes linked together.