December 31, 2010

AAPL, GOOG, INTC: Looking At The Rear-View Mirror

Looking at the rear-view mirror for AAPL, GOOG, INTC, MSFT, and RIMM.

All of these are major platforms for the mobile Internet. The stock charts clearly show that Apple continues to outperform all companies by a wide margin.

While each company has other lines of businesses than mobile Internet, currently mobile Internet is the highest growth segment and affects the stock price of each company. The major mobile Internet products from each company are discussed below

Success:     iPhone, iPad and iPod and to a lesser extent Apple TV, Mac’s
E-for-Effort: Ping, iAd, Safari browser
Long Term: Will continue to lead and out perform

Success:     Search, Android OS, Chrome Browser
E-for-Effort: Google TV
Long Term:  Needs another hit like Search

Success:    None
Upcoming:  Blackberry Playbook for Enterprise
Long Term: In a difficult spot

Success:        None
Milk the Cow: PC’s, Servers for the Cloud
Upcoming:     Silicon for tablets, phones, MeeGo
Long Term:    Once market standarizes, performs well with heavy-duty silicon manufacturing
                      Mobile Internet may not standardize in 2011

Success:        Xbox Kinect
Milk the Cow: PC’s, Servers for the Cloud
E-for-Effort:    Windows Phone 7, Windows Tablets
Long Term:    In a difficult spot. Wants to participate in all markets
                      Continues to churn out lukewarm products

2010 performance: AAPL versus GOOG, INTC

2010 performance: AAPL versus RIMM, MSFT