December 28, 2010

Blackberry PlayBook Stumbles Again

Blackberry PlayBook stumbles even before it is released. Add a short battery life to the latest woes of PlayBook (via Forbes).


PlayBook’s list of problems
  1. Being a follower of Apple’s iPad, a flawed strategy
  2. No must-have features. CEO recites mantra of “we do Flash
  3. Poor marketing. Even RIM’s CEO is unable to articulate PlayBook’s value clearly
  4. Poor User experience
  5. Lack of Apps - developers not motivated to develop for the platform
  6. Product delayed to Q2-2011 – by then the iPad2 and a whole range of Android, PC tablets will already be selling in the market
  7. Using an OS, QNX, that is not optimized for tablets, leading to the short battery life

With PlayBook, RIM instead of being an innovative leader that it can be, joins the Apple-iPad-Follower crowd of Cisco Cius, Notion Ink Adam and other tablets. We’ve seen this story before it ends only one way.