December 16, 2010

BlackBerry Playbook, Swimming Through a Fog

RIM is in a difficult position. After being a leader in its market that is disappearing fast due to Apple’s iPhone and iPad, it is furiously trying to follow Apple in the phone and tablet market.

Being a follower is a flawed strategy for BlackBerry PlayBook to begin with and RIM’s CEO’s inarticulate, incoherent statements such as the one below make it appear that BlackBerry Playbook strategy has all the clarity of swimming through a fog.

Excerpts of RIM’s CEO statement (more at Business Insider)

“Who knows” everywhere

Now, how do you align or go over the top on carriers and content providers? Well, we have different strategies, and that's fine, and there may be room for more than one model, who knows. And, you know, it's a very dynamic market. Plus, there's enormous growth and shifts happening around the world, you know.

How many fronts people want to take on contention, that's a question you can ask. Do you want to go over the top of banks, do you want to go over the top on content, do you want to go over the top on carriers, do you want to go over the top on video content providers? I mean, who knows, you know? What part of it's good strategy and what part of it's a bridge too far? I mean, who knows?