December 27, 2010

Chrome, Danger of Combining Browser and Search

Chrome by all measures is the best browser available today. Chrome presents a simple interface – a single box where a website address (browser functionality) or search term (search functionality) can be entered. Together with Google’s Instant Search it returns the search results as the user is typing or takes the user to the website if a URL was entered. Both functions are performed fast.

However, this simplicity of a single box combining browser and search functionality also presents a danger. When a link is entered in Chrome, the user is taken directly to that website, there is no check done for dangerous websites and the user is not alerted. An unknown link could be to a website hosting virus, malware or other bad stuff.

When the browser-bar and search-bar are separate (e.g. in Safari), the unknown link could be entered in the search-bar. In this case, Google displays the search results and alerts the user to any dangerous websites.