December 30, 2010

Features: Verizon Home Automation … Coming in 2011

Home Automation (HA) is the next big recurring revenue opportunity for Internet service providers and Verizon is ready to start playing. Verizon Home Automation is coming by June 2011 (via PR). The features of the system are below.

Verizon’s HA system will give remote monitoring and control for lights, thermostat, appliances and door locks. It will also allow homeowners to see their home remotely with IP cameras. The components of the system include

  • energy reader
  • smart switches, smart power strip – to turn power outlets on or off remotely
  • smart thermostats – to set temperature remotely and turn heating and A/C on/off
  • smart window and door locks – which can be controlled remotely
  • motion sensors
  • IP cameras – a pan-tilt model, a fixed indoor/outdoor model

Home Automation Apps for the iPhone/iPad, Android are likely to be available, which will allow controlling the system remotely via a computer or a smartphone.

Verizon’s home automation service is likely to be based on 4Home’s Fluid platform (part of Motorola) and its components are likely to be Z-wave based, which means any Z-wave product could be used in the system. This should also give a good boost to Z-wave as the standard for home automation, as Verizon HA competitors such as ADT Pulse and MiCasaVerde Vera also use Z-wave for home automation.

No details yet on the IP cameras. But, with only two models offered, the choices and capabilities for home security will be limited to basics.

And, no details yet on pricing, or the Z-wave controller used by Verizon’s service.

Alternatives to Verizon’s service include ADT Pulse, MiCasaVerde Vera and others for Home automation, Logitech Alert for home security all of which can be used today. And for an extensive lineup of IP camera for home, check Panasonic and Axis