December 12, 2010

GE ecomagination’s Annoying Ads: Cow, Airplane, Train, Electricity

GE is a well-respected company and amongst others, produces wonderful products for infrastructure worldwide. GE ecomagination’s focus is on the fundamental needs in society – wind, power and light. Its YouTube channel showcases the benefits of GE ecomagination.

Then it is a surprise that GE ecomagination has the most annoying Ads on the Internet with storylines of Cow, Airplane, Train and Electricity.

The screenshots of one of GE ecomagination’s ad is below. Why is ecomagination’s Ad annoying?

The ad is a rollover ad, sits at the bottom of the webpage and occupies the full width of the page. When you visit the webpage, there is no escaping the ad. It comes on whether you mouse over the ad or not. And, then the fun starts … the ad takes forever to load and play its animation.

At this point you must be thinking, I like GE and all but I just want to see the content of the page right now. How do I stop this annoying GE ecomagination Ad? Well, there is no way to stop the Ad; it will forcibly play until it is done (unless you kill the browser window).

The result – an incredibly annoying experience which does disservice both to ecomagination and the website where the ad is being displayed.

GE ecomagination Ad strip

GE ecomagination Ad expanded

Hope this post alerts GE ecomagination to the problem and they can start producing nice, well behaved ads that produce a positive user experience.