December 15, 2010

Google Chrome Browser, an Absolute Delight to Use

Google Chrome is an absolute delight to use. Chrome is the best browser on computers today and gives the best user experience as compared to other browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE).
Chrome is fast, uncluttered and simple to use. It is fast on all computers, the latest ones or older ones. The UI is clean; there is a single bar at the top where you enter the search term or the URL. There is no clutter of any kind. Overall a very positive experience.

While Chrome is the best, Safari is a very close second. Both Chrome and Safari stand way above Firefox and IE on all aspects and both are fast, a few things give Chrome the edge. Chrome is faster to startup and it handles “slow” websites more gracefully (“slow” websites as in those with higher network latency). While Chrome is able to display the “slow” websites in the first try, Safari times-out in the first try, then the browser needs to be refreshed to display.

Of all the browsers, Internet Explorer stands at the bottom of the scale. It is slow, cluttered, and a magnet for viruses and malware. Avoid Internet Explorer under all conditions.

Hope the great experience of Chrome extends to the Chrome CR-48 network computers.