December 23, 2010

Microsoft Windows on ARM, Is Anyone Asking For It?

Microsoft will be announcing Windows on ARM shortly, presumably for future variants of touch devices such as a Dell Inspiron Duo. But, is anyone asking for it?

Is there a need for this OS, CPU combination?


Dell Inspiron Duo

Check the number of strong and successful OS and CPU variants already in the market.

iOS on ARM – Apple iPad

Windows on x86 – Various
Android on ARM – Various
Android on x86 – Various
Android on Tegra - Various
MeeGo on x86 – Various

Given the strong acceptance of these products, is there a need for Windows on ARM? Are any customers asking for it? Won’t the Windows on x86 have met these customers needs?

Another negative for Windows on ARM is the long timeframe it will take to make Windows usable on ARM. By the time it is released, Windows on ARM will end up being a me-too product.

A view on Windows on ARM from BenZinga