December 22, 2010

Play iPhone Content on TV

You have wonderful content (photos, videos, music) on your iPhone and now want to Play the iPhone content on TV, how do you do it?
If you have the latest versions of the iPhone, iOS and Apple TV, things will be simple. If not, there are a few more steps involved. The latest versions currently are – iPhone 4, iOS 4.2, Apple TV Gen 2.

Play Wirelessly
If Apple TV is connected to your TV, use AirPlay to play the iPhone video wirelessly on your TV. There are no cables to connect to the iPhone.

While playing the movie on the iPhone, select the button to the far right and then select the “Apple TV” option (as shown below), the movie will appear on the TV. Simple and Elegant.

Play Controls

select Apple TV

With the current iOS version, this should work for all video on the iPhone except for video recorded with the iPhone itself.  When a newer version of iOS is available, all the videos on the iPhone should be playable.

Play using a Cable
If you do not have the latest versions or do not have Apple TV yet, then use the TV-out feature of the iPhone to directly display the video on TV.

Use an Apple Component AV cable or an Apple Composite AV cable to connect the iPhone directly to the TV.

Play the video on the iPhone, it will also appear on the TV.

Photos are displayed similar to the video above. To play music on speakers (other than TV), AirPlay compatible speakers are needed.