December 9, 2010

Sprint 4G Tablet, Powered By Intel Atom, Coming in 2011

“Sprint 4G Tablet, powered by Intel Atom, coming in 2011” 

Ok, this is not real news, yet. It is connecting the dots. But these are some dots that are pretty close to each other.

The dots …

1. Intel announced today that Intel has 35 Atom-based Tablet designs coming in 2011 across three OS’s - Windows, Android and Meego. (via Paul Otellini at Barclay’s Capital conference)

2. Per Paget Alves of Sprint, Sprint 4G Tablets are coming in 2011 and will run multiple OS’s (via Forbes). Sprint currently sells one Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android

3. Intel and Sprint are close partners in WiMax, the basis for Sprint’s 4G service. Both have also invested in Clearwire, the pioneer of WiMax.

Sprint will likely source Tablet’s from multiple manufacturers that are listed in the slide above. The Sprint 4G Tablets will be Sprint’s answer to 4G LTE Tablets from Verizon and AT&T.

Bookmark this post and revisit it during CES in Jan 2011, or later in 2011 in case Sprint does not make an announcement at CES