December 28, 2010

Sprint 4G, Verizon 4G Websites Fail with Flash

Out of the major 4G providers in the US, Sprint 4G and Verizon 4G websites fail with Flash. Comparatively, T-Mobile, AT&T and Clear websites all work well.

While Verizon 4G and Sprint 4G both provide the fastest mobile Internet today, their websites provide the worst user experience. With heavy Flash animations and video, the Sprint 4G and Verizon 4G websites take forever to load and are very slow to navigate (even on a fast Internet connection) creating a poor user experience.

And if you disable Flash on the browser, these websites become almost non-functional. Check the website screenshots below with Flash disabled.

Sprint 4G website with Flash disabled

Verizon 4G website with Flash disabled

Sprint 4G and Verizon 4G are still in the camp of Flash-happy websites and device makers not realizing that it leads to a terrible user experience. It is time to create Flash-free websites or at least ones that do not use heavy Flash animations or fail without Flash.

If you are wondering how to disable Flash on the Chrome browser, here are the simple steps.

  1. Click “+” to open a new tab in the browser
  2. Type “about:plugins” in the Chrome bar
    this will display all plugins currently in use
  3. On Flash plugin, click disable

And click “enable” to enable Flash again.