December 2, 2010

Verizon 4G (LTE) Internet, Cost $50 per Hour

Verizon’s 4G (LTE) Internet is here, Cost $50 per hour.

Verizon’s 4G LTE service is awesome, with speeds that will make it the fastest mobile Internet in the US. And, hopefully Verizon’s excellent coverage extends to this 4G service as well.

The big negative is the price. At $50 per 5 GB of data, the service will be one of the most expensive Internet services in the country. The costs for some common usage of high-speed Internet.

10 Mbps = 4.4 GB/hour

1. Use at full speeds (10 Mbps download), Verizon 4G Cost = $50 per hour
2. Download a full-length HD movie from
NetFlix (roughly 5 GB), Verizon 4G Cost = $50
3. Setup a live video camera (1 Mbps upload), Verizon 4G Cost = $5 per hour 

And if a user is not supposed to be using this service for high-speed Internet, then perhaps a slower Internet plan sufficient.

Hopefully, Verizon sees the light soon and offers unlimited data plans for the $50, which will spur widespread usage of 4G Mobile Internet. Meanwhile Clearwire 4G is the only competitor with comparable speeds and unlimited data plans.