January 20, 2011

AAA Insurance iPhone Ads, Disappointing!

AAA Auto Insurance iPhone Ads are disappointing!  Not the Ad itself, which is great, but the steps after the tap. They could have been done a lot better. Follow the steps below for the full sequence.

AAA Insurance iPhone Ad

User sees the AAA Auto Insurance Ad (above) in AccuWeather’s iPhone App (a great weather app, by the way) likes it and then taps on the Ad to get the “free quote” as advertised.

AAA Insurance iPhone Ad landing page

User reaches the AAA landing page (above) – there are no quotes, no information. Disappointing!
User is asked to tap again for further action

If AAA hasn’t lost the user by this point, they will at the next page

User taps “schedule it” reluctantly … the other option was “Call an Agent”  - don’t really want to talk to an Agent at this point

AAA Insurance iPhone Ad form

Still no “quotes” from AAA!
Another form is displayed, asking the user to fill out a lot of information before someone even calls to give the user a quote.

By now AAA completely lost the user. The user would have navigated away from AAA’s ad.

Another lost potential customer!

How To Improve AAA Auto Insurance’s Ad
At the landing page, do display a quote for a typical driver, so the user gets an idea and gets comfortable. The quote displayed can be customized based on users information known so far e.g. location

The “free quote” as promised was displayed. Now, the user will get interested and be motivated to enter their personal information. With users personal information, display a custom quote for the user. At this point, the potential customer is super interested, has been fully qualified and can be connected to an Agent to complete the signup.

Hopefully, AAA Auto Insurance uses this to improve its iPhone Ads.

And to improve its Web Ads which follow the same flow as above