January 24, 2011

ADT Companion Service Review, Your Personal 911 Service

ADT Companion service is a Personal Emergency Response service available 24/7, your Personal 911 service.

ADT is known for being the largest provider of monitored Home Security in the US. While its newest service, ADT Pulse, provides monitored home security, home automation and video security for the home, ADT Companion helps those living in the home at a more personal level.

ADT Companion is a monitored service, where operators remotely monitor seniors and patients under home care and, when needed, generate medical alerts and take actions to ensure the well being of the person at home.

How it Works
  1. A base unit is installed at home (photo above) – connects to a phone jack and needs power

  2. You wear a wristband or pendant containing a Help-button
    The unit is waterproof and can even be worn in the shower

  3. In an emergency, you press the Help-button
    The signal is sent to ADT via your phone line

  4. ADT operator will talk with you over the 2-way radio and if needed

  5. ADT sends an ambulance and/or contacts the designated contacts (family, friends) to ensure your well-being

The help-button works upto 300 feet from the base station installed at home so you can be in the backyard or garage and still call for help. The help-button includes a temperature sensor and can generate an alert if the home is too cold or too warm for health. The FAQ for the service has more details.

Price - with a 1-year contract

Installation - $75, Activation - $75, Service - $34.95/month
Total Price - $570 for first year
                    $420 per year for later years

ADT Security customers and AARP members get further discounts.

The unit is simple to install and can be self-installed.

Call ADT at 1-877-678-6952

The Good
ADT Companion is a wonderful service that can help seniors in Independent Living and assist those caring for a loved one at home. In addition to ensuring safety, it gives peace of mind to everyone involved.

ADT Pulse live video cameras can be used together with ADT Companion, to see the person remotely anytime and make sure they are doing well.

The Bad
* A 1-year contract for the service
  some people may only have short-term needs for this service

Should I Buy
If you want the peace of mind offered by 24/7 monitoring, then ADT Companion will be a good choice.