January 5, 2011

Amazon Appstore for Android Details

Amazon Appstore for Android (AAA) is open to developers now and will be available for US customers later this year.

Amazon expects to provide an Apple Appstore like experience with stable and quality apps and then go beyond that by cross-selling the Apps together with other products. Amazon Appstore will have a big plus - the apps will be marketed to Amazon’s huge customer base, who number in the tens of millions.

Unlike Google’s Android Market, where apps do not go through a full review, Amazon Appstore will review the apps for stability, completeness, content and quality and then approve the apps for inclusion in the store. Approvals are likely to take 1 week. Apps will be available for Android 1.6 and higher.

Both US and International developers can offer their Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, although, initially, the apps will be available only for US customers.

Amazon helps market the apps by allowing unlimited photos, up to five videos and detailed description of the app on its product page. The minimum collateral for the App is as below

Video format – 720x405, 1200kbps, 16:9, .mp4 h.264, 2 min, 30 MB

Hopefully, the App page will look better than Amazon’s current utilitarian pages that are informative but unattractive, or for that matter, Apple’s Appstore pages.

What do Developers make?
Developers get the greater of 70% of the sale price or 20% of the list price of the app. This differs from Apple’s appstore where the developer sets a single price. Having the two options gives Amazon the flexibility of offering discounts to increase sales of the app.

* Minimum payment threshold is $10 for US developers, $100 for International developers
* Payments are via EFT for US developers, paper checks for International developers
* Payments are done monthly on a net30 basis. E.g. payment for January will be done on Mar 1.
* International developers have to comply with US tax requirements – taxes are due on all US earnings.

With its vast customer base, ability to cross-sell apps and products, Amazon Appstore for Android should be a big plus for developers and users alike.