January 25, 2011

Amazon Bulk Email Service Details

Amazon bulk email service also known as Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is now available for use.

If you have ever bought a product from Amazon, you may be receiving the daily product emails from Amazon already. And Amazon does this across its tens of millions of customers daily. The daily emails are a very effective tool to inform customers and motivate them to buy more.

Amazon email service provides a similar capability to you, to reach out to your customers. With Amazon SES, you can send large volumes of marketing emails or transactional emails to your customers, without having to deal with the operational complexities behind such campaigns. Amazon SES is a simple pay-as-you-go model unlike Constant Contact or Vertical Response.

An excellent price for sending high-volume emails

Email Limits
10 MB per message

Send quota (number of emails sent per day) and Send rate (number of emails sent per second) ensure that emails meet the receiving ISP’s standards.

Amazon SES handles the complexities of meeting the receiving ISP’s standards so the bulk emails sent are not dropped as spam including setting the send-quota and send-rate (above).

Amazon SES is obviously not for sending spam emails to people, the service automatically detects and blocks any spam-type of messages. It also expects that you send emails only to people who want or expect to receive emails from you and the emails sent are compliant with all regulations.