January 16, 2011

Apple iPad 2, A 2048x1536 Display, 1080p HD Video

Apple’s iPad 2 will have a 2048x1536 resolution display per MacRumors.

If true, the iPad 2 will deliver an awesome photo/video experience, even better than most PC’s and Mac’s and far better than any other tablet.

With a 2048x1536 resolution, the iPad2 will display 4x the number of pixels as compared to the iPad that has a 1024x768 resolution.

The result - an awesome photo/video experience with iPad 2
  • Photos and videos are displayed with 4x higher detail
  • 1080p HD video (1920x1080) on iPad 2, at full resolution

The iPad 2 will need serious CPU and graphics power to display the high-resolution video and graphics.

Compare iPad 2 to other tablets

Motorola Xoom – 1280x800 display
BlackBerry Playbook – 1024x600 display
Samsung Galaxy Tab – 1024x600 display