January 19, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Display 2048x1536 Or Not?

Is Apple iPad 2’s display resolution 2048x1536 or not?  There are speculations galore on both sides.

Earlier Apple iPad 2 was said to have a 2048x1536 Display, which will enable delivering an awesome photo/video experience far ahead of any other tablet or even PC’s and Mac’s.

John Gruber is convinced otherwise. He feels technical limitations (higher resolution panels, 4x more memory, faster graphics, more heat to be dissipated, battery life) will prevent iPad 2 from having a 2048x1536 Display and it will stay at the 1024x768 resolution. Perhaps the higher resolution will come in iPad 3.

Well, some of the technical hurdles can and would have been overcome by now. They are the easier ones to accomplish – packing 4x more memory, faster graphics and dissipating heat. A more difficult one is the battery life. And, then on their earnings call, Apple mentioned they have entered into a $3.9B agreement for supply of a very strategic component (similar to the Flash memory supply agreement done a few years back). It is likely to be for a high-resolution display, as for a 2048x1536 display, which will put Apple far ahead of any one else.

All these are speculations, we’ll find out the real iPad 2 specs in a few months.

Meanwhile, compare iPad 2 to other tablets

Apple iPad – 1024x768 – 4:3 display
Motorola Xoom – 1280x800 – 16:10 display
BlackBerry Playbook – 1024x600 – 16:9 display
Samsung Galaxy Tab – 1024x600 – 16:9 display

Update: Per Digitimes, iPad 2 display is 2048x1536