January 19, 2011

Apple Photo Stream, Share Photos Within Social Network

Apple’s Photo Stream, to enable you to share Photos within your social network.

Photo Stream, discovered by 9to5mac in the iOS 4.3 SDK, appears (speculating) to be Apple’s new cloud service providing a “personal photo feed” for each user that you can share within your social network. You can take photos on any of your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and they will appear instantly in your photo stream, which can be viewed by all subscribers to that stream. Subscribers can view the photos on their iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac’s or TV (via Apple TV).

Invitations can be sent to friends to subscribe to the photo stream and photos within the stream can be shared selectively with different group of friends. Photo Stream will be like “facebook photos” but not just limited to the web; it will allow seamless and instant sharing across any Apple device.

The extension to Photo Stream is Apple’s Media Stream, which will allow similar easy sharing of video and audio across your social network.

A slight negative - hopefully, photo stream and media stream do not require users to signup to Apple’s mobile me service which will just end up creating a hurdle for users.

Overall, photo stream and media stream will be awesome services and will further cause photo/video/audio sharing on Apple devices to explode. And, the photos will look especially beautiful when viewed on iPad 2’s high-resolution display.

Apple while making the awesome iOS devices and providing the wonderful App store for apps that make these devices shine has lagged behind in social networking. iPhoto, stuck in the early 2000’s has been a disappointment and Ping has not taken off, as it should. Photo stream and Media stream will make up for the lost time in a hurry.