January 27, 2011

Best ISP’s for NetFlix Movies

Today NetFlix published a list of best ISP’s for watching NetFlix movies over the Internet. An additional list of best ISP’s and devices required for best NetFlix experience is listed below.

NetFlix with its unlimited movies for $8/month has opened the floodgates for Internet movies and it is precursor of what is to come. Following are how you get the best experience in watching NetFlix movies over the Internet.

Best Device to watch NetFlix - Apple TV
If you are wondering why iPad is missing from this list - watching the NetFlix movies on iPad is good but not great yet as NetFlix’s own iPad app is not fully optimized yet.

Best ISP’s for NetFlix movies
Watching full-length movies and TV shows over the Internet requires fast download speeds, good upload speeds and reasonable business practices by the ISP which include
  • consumer-level prices for Internet
  • good download and upload speeds – download to upload speed ratio closer to 1
  • no data caps or large data caps for the user
  • no usage charges for the user

While any ISP in the list of Fastest Internet Plans Worldwide meets the above criteria, the fiber Internet providers exceed it and are the best notably EPB, LUS Fiber, Greenlight, Paxio, Fibrant and Verizon FiOS.

Cable Internet providers such as Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, Cox, … provide good download speeds and are great for NetFlix.

If you are on a DSL connection, look to change to Fiber or Cable whenever possible.

To watch movies outside the home, mobile Internet is an option wherever coverage is available.
Verizon 4G LTE has good speeds but will cost $50 per movie. Clearwire 4G is another option.