January 10, 2011

Cisco WebEx, Landing Pages That Fail

Cisco WebEx’s is an example of Landing Pages that fail. And it is not that the page is poorly designed but, literally, the page fails.

For Internet Marketing, a good Landing Page is crucial to getting users to convert. The page UI, info, call to action are critical. In addition, the landing page should work, properly. As a reverse example, here is Cisco WebEx’s landing page, as an example of landing pages that fail.

Step 1: User sees a nice WebEx ad, clicks on it.
A big win for Cisco WebEx so far; the ad is nice and enticed the user to click

WebEx landing page

Step2: User comes to a landing page with nice UI, info and call to action
The landing page describes what WebEx offers, gives the offer (Try Free for 2 weeks) and the call to action (enter your information) and makes the user comfortable (No credit card required, WebEx respects your privacy)

A second big win. The user enters information and clicks ‘continue’

Step3: The landing page fails. It puts up an error message, asks the user to contact Support (probably during business hours).

Cisco WebEx landing page fail

A major fail for Cisco WebEx at this point. Instead of helping the user, they have put up a complicated hurdle in front of the user. The user is unlikely to cross this hurdle and they lose an interested customer.

Always - While putting up an Ad on the Internet, make sure that the corresponding landing page works and works properly.

Hopefully, Cisco WebEx uses this to build better landing pages.