January 9, 2011

Fastest Internet Plans Worldwide – July 26, 2012

The fastest Internet plans worldwide with ISP’s, plans and prices are listed below.

The list will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back often.

NetFlix, Hulu, etc are just the beginning of applications that shine with fast Internet. New applications will go beyond watching movies or browsing the Internet, they will make full use of fast uploads and downloads and provide an always-on experience. For example 4 IP cameras monitoring your home and storing the live video on the cloud 24/7.

To use these applications, you’ll want the fastest Internet available in your area with unlimited usage or with a high usage cap.

In this list
  • Only Home Internet plans are listed
  • Only ISP’s providing highest speeds with “reasonable” consumer prices are listed
  • Although both symmetrical (equal download/upload speeds) and asymmetrical (unequal download/upload speeds) Internet plans are listed, symmetrical Internet is always preferred
  • Grossly asymmetrical services are not listed as they are not useful
  • Download/upload speeds listed

Google Fiber    1/1 Gbps    USD 70/month    Kansas City, US

QTNet    1/1 Gbps    JPY 5,565/month    Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Japan

HyperOptic    1/1 Gbps    GBP 50/month    UK

EPB Fiber Optics     1/1 Gbps    USD 350/month    Tennessee, US

Paxio    1/1 Gbps    USD 245/month    San Francisco, US

Superonline    1/1 Gbps        Turkey

Highlands Fiber    1 Gbps / 100 Mbps    USD 200/month    Issaquah Highlands, US

Zebra    300/300 Mbps    LTL 80/month    Lithuania    ($35/month)

Novus    300/300 Mbps    CAD 350/month    Vancouver, Canada

RCS-RDS    100/100 Mbps    RON 39/month    Romania    ($14/month)   

Lunds Energi    100/100 Mbps    SEK 100/month    Sweden    ($16/month)

StarNet    100/100 Mbps    MDL 250/month    Moldova    ($22/month)

Ons Net Eindhoven    100/100 Mbps    EUR 40/month    Eindohoven, Netherlands

Solcon    100/100 Mbps    EUR 40 /month    Netherlands

InterNLNet    100/100 Mbps    EUR 100/month    Amsterdam, Netherlands

STC    100/100 Mbps    SAR 499/month    Saudi Arabia    ($133/month)

Fuzecore    100/100 Mbps    USD 147/month    Utah, US

LUS Fiber    100/100 Mbps    USD 200/month    Lafayette, US

Greenlight    100/100 Mbps    USD 300/month    Wilson, NC

StarHub    100/100 Mbps    SGD 400/month    Singapore    ($325/month)

Comcast Xfinity Platinum    305/65 Mbps    USD 300/month    US

Verizon FIOS Quantum    300/65 Mbps   USD 210/month    US

Free    100/50 Mbps    EUR 30/month    France

SFR    100/50 Mbps    EUR 35/month    France

Bell Aliant FiberOp    170/30 Mbps    New Brunswick, Canada

Virgin Media    100/10 Mbps    GBP 35/month    UK

LatTelecom    30/20 Mbps    LVL 20/month    Latvia

Fibrant     25/25 Mbps    USD 65/month    Salisbury, NC, US

UniFi    20/20 Mbps    MYR 250/month    Malaysia

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