January 12, 2011

Gene Sequencing As A Service, DNAnexus

Gene Sequencing as a service available from DNAnexus.

Analyzing genome data is a compute intensive job. Amazon EC2 provides a large-scale, scalable compute capacity in the cloud. They are a natural fit for each other; the result is Gene Sequencing as a service provided by DNAnexus.

DNAnexus provides Gene Sequencing at a price of $20/Gigabase of raw sequence (academic pricing). A HiSeq 2000 sequencer is estimated to produce Sequence data at the rate of 1 Gigabase/hour (about 1 Gigabyte/hour). While a MiSeq sequencer produces 1 Gigabase per run in a day.

As a reference, Illumina’s everygenome service sequencing price is $19,500 per genome.

DNAnexus links to public and commercial databases AmiGo, BioBase, Cosmic, dbSNP, Entrez, Gene, GeneCards, IPA, KEGG, NextBio, OMIM, PharmGKB, Pubmed