January 15, 2011

Google SLA, Also For Ad Network?

Google Apps are already ultra reliable. Now Google apps reliability has been improved to a point (99.99%) where no scheduled downtime is needed. You can count on the apps such as Gmail to be always available, an awesome plus. But, is this improved Google SLA also for its Ad Network?  A quick check below.

All of the following were observed today across the web

On a web site showing Google display ads

No ads shown instead a “This webpage is not available” message

These broken ads are not a rare occurrence but are observed fairly regularly across the web.

To Google’s credit, a refresh of the webpage after some time does display the ads correctly. But, the Google Ad network is its biggest source of revenue and if anything Google’s Ad network needs to have the highest uptime - that is not so currently.

Then, check Amazon Associates link within Blogger. Blogger’s Amazon Associates link is permanently broken and has been for a long time.  If Blogger no longer supports Amazon Associates, the link should be removed.

Finally, Google’s own blog page announcing the improved SLA

A big “This webpage is not available”. The link seems to be permanently broken

The ultra reliable Google apps are very welcome and now hoping that Google similarly improves the reliability of Adsense and its other properties.