January 2, 2011

Indian Energy Exchange, Online Electricity Trading in India

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) is a platform for online Electricity Trading in India. Used by the major power generators, electricity consumers and traders, the platform provides the means for efficient functioning of the Indian Electricity Grid.

IEX members include power generators such as Tata Power, Reliance Energy, Jindal Power and  power traders such as Adani Enterprises, Lanco Infratech and others.

IEX also displays the forecasted Hourly electricity price in India. In this snapshot for electricity prices for January 2, 2011, the lowest electricity prices are shown to be at 4 am, while the highest prices are at 8 pm. Southern India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) shows unusually high prices which may be due to less power generation in those states at the time of the snapshot.

Compare IEX to California’s ISO that operates California’s Electricity Grid.