January 2, 2011

iPhone’s Turn On Location Breaks The Flow

In an otherwise fine user interface, iPhone’s “Turn On Location” prompts are the most annoying and break the flow for the User.

On the iPhone if you prefer to not share your Location with all the Apps or want to conserve battery (and do not want to keep the GPS on all the time), then you’d keep your “Location Services” settings OFF. This then leads to an annoying user experience.

When you do use an App that needs your location, the App will prompt you to turn on Location and will take you away from the App – a most annoying disruption in the flow, causing a bad user experience. After turning on Location, you need to relaunch the App and start over. A better flow would have been to allow the App to turn On / turn Off Location automatically, when needed and an inapp setting which allows the user to disable this feature when needed.