January 13, 2011

Is Apple In Sleep Mode for 2011?

Is Apple in “sleep” mode for 2011?  Content on “polishing the store” and collecting the dollars or is there a new iPhone, iPad class product waiting in the wings for 2011?

The iPhone and iPad have been phenomenal successes, industry-transforming products that have captured users imaginations everywhere. Apple will continue to reap the rewards with these products in 2011 - more users, more Apps, wider distribution (e.g. CDMA iPhones), more revenues, more profits – all good stuff.

But, what is next for Apple in 2011? Is there another truly unique product in 2011?


iOS 4.3 new FaceTime icon via 9To5Mac

The tidbits showing up (including above & below) indicate Apple has a sleep-mode strategy for 2011. Newer versions of iPad and iPhone with incrementally better features, more web services etc but nothing truly unique.

From Apple’s perspective – reap the rewards while conserving the energy for the next big thing.

From a Users perspective - It is BORING!

Apple is a creative, innovative company and with the means. There is a lot more Apple can do. There are plenty of areas to introduce industry-transforming products every year for the next several years.

via MacRumors