January 14, 2011

Live Traffic Camera, See Lafayette Louisiana Live

See Lafayette Louisiana Live (below) with over 50 Live Traffic Cameras.

With the live traffic cameras, you can watch real-time traffic at most Lafayette roads from your computer or with the iPhone App, an awesome benefit for people in Lafayette.


The cameras show live video of the traffic although at a very low frame rate. And a large number of people watching can slow down the cameras even further. In spite of these limitations, it is impressive that the City can display the 50+ cameras live on the Internet.

Compare Lafayette to other traffic cameras on the Internet e.g. California Traffic cameras which update traffic photos only once per hour – only good to check general road conditions, perhaps once per day like weather.

Lafayette is a perfect example of why more fast Internet is needed for public and private use; there are a huge number of places that will benefit from such live video feeds. Lafayette runs its own fiber network, LUS Fiber, which helps it deliver better performance compared to others.

Fast Internet Worldwide shows affordable high-speed Internet that is available at various communities.

The Lafayette traffic cameras are a good step but still display a low frame rate. In case you are wondering what is needed for smooth live video (30 frames per second) from these cameras
  • a 1 Mbps Internet for each traffic camera (upload)
  • a service that can broadcast each live video feed to any number of viewers