January 23, 2011

Nokia N9 MeeGo vs Google Android Race

The Nokia N9 with MeeGo vs Google Android smartphone race is just about to start and promises to be a long one.

Nokia is said to be introducing the Nokia N9 at the MWC Barcelona on Feb 14. The Nokia N9 is said to contain MeeGo, Intel Atom at 1.2 GHz, 12 Mpixel camera and LTE (via prossesori).

MeeGo Photo Viewer app

If true, Nokia N9 will bring a new set of variables in the smartphone market, in the choice of OS (MeeGo) and the CPU (Atom).

Nokia N9 is likely to be closest to Android phones in user experience and features. While Android phones enjoy a huge lead in volumes and apps, Nokia has a formidable ally in Intel who is determined to be a player in the smartphone market. Intel-Nokia will be highlighting the N9’s performance as a differentiating feature as compared to Android phones, although both Android and MeeGo fall short in delivering a delightful user experience.

In what really matters to users – a delightful user experience, apps, quality and stability – Apple iPhone is and will stay far ahead of everyone else.