January 23, 2011

Toshiba Tablet Review: If Hardware Could Sell …

Toshiba tablet, if hardware could sell …  Android clones would rule.

Hoping to compete with Apple’s iPad 2 iPad, Toshiba Tablet’s biggest feature “we too do Flash”. The same Adobe Flash which makes their own website slow and is the biggest battery drain.

The only other key feature - a replaceable battery. If you love to replace your tablet’s batteries, then Toshiba tablet is for you.

No other distinguishing feature!   None!

A 1280x800 display, 720p video and Android Honeycomb bring Toshiba tablet closer to Motorola Xoom, both remaining far away from the iPad or iPad 2. Both tablets will be up against the iPad2 with its (rumored) 2048x1536 display and 1080p video, and, much more importantly, iPad’s delightful user interface and vast number of Apps.

And at $600+, this tablet will be expensive.

Which one would you buy?

After the disastrous Toshiba Folio 100, this will be Toshiba’s second entry in the Android tablet market.